​​​​Get serious with your produce.

Additional Benefits

​Early Access

P​reseason purchases of late, winter and early spring specialty vegetables and soups.​

More Varieties​

Expanded varieties of you pick herbs and flowers at Early Girl Farm.​

Our ​Newsletter

The Early Girl weekly newsletter, with anecdotes from the farm, recipes and cooking tips.​​


Access to our ever improving marketplace stocked with kitchen essentials, local specialties and extras from our fields!​​

Victory G​arden

Share the Harvest

All CSA members -big and small- will be invited to plant and tend to a victory garden for our friends at the Light House Mission. To share the harvest with our neighbors in need.

​Pop Up


At long last we ,vill be serving dosas during your CSA pick up time. A dosa is a thin crepe made from rice and lentils. They arc healthy and delicious! Filled with veggies from the farm and a flavorful chutney.​